Transmigration: Mudflow to the Mezzanine


                Transmigration: Mudflow to the Mezzanine at the Drewelowe Gallery, University of Iowa  November 7-14 2011

Situated in the University of Iowa Sculpture Graduate Art Show, this project was initiated by the desire to construct a mobile cob oven for the Studio Arts community at the University. The architectural structure pictured here began as a berm that was built-up from abandoned sculptures and materials found around the art building. The purpose of the berm was to distance spectators from getting to close to where the earthen oven was built and inadvertently tracking mud throughout the gallery. During the week long exhibition, the structure continued to be reorganized and tidied according to a triangulation of influences: function, how the structure could facilitate the building of a cob oven; aesthetics, the stylization of form, color, etc; and relational concerns about the visual impact the structure was having on the rest of the group show (our solution was to create more space and lines of sight for others work by building upwards).

A sort of study in transobject psychology…(this page is under construction…)




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