Tipping Points: A Rise in Squatberg Warming


              Tipping Points: A Rise in Squatberg Warming. Drewelowe Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa, USA, 2012

A collaboration  with Heidi Ratanavanich, Tipping Points: A Rise in Squatberg Warming was a 7 week squat at the University of Iowa. Due to a devasting flood in 2008, the UI Studio Arts Program was forced to temporarily relocate in an abandoned home building retail center.  Tipping Points investigates how catastrophic environmental events  produce non-linear, unexpected shifts and that these transformations constitute state changes. However, the type of change that occurs is up in the air.  The term tipping points describes how a trigger generates a regime shift – the system flips from one state to another. Tipping Points is a hybrid project working through a confluence of performance, installation and sculpture. This processes based work sought to blur boundaries between categories of property, representation and everyday lived experience. The term tipping points attempts to address politcal-social-economic geographic-climatic impact that humans have had  on the planet. Yet terraforming is not merely a matter of strip mining, fracking, earth moving but also a matter of the heart…

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