Free Art School: Cob Oven

Free Art School: Cob Oven at Walnut Farms, Iowa City, Iowa  2011-present

This site-specific earthen oven is intended for baking breads as well as gathering space for the Free Art School Project. The oven is constructed with clay from the surrounding land. This clay will also serve as a continuing source for maintaining the oven when necessary repairs arise any potential alterations or additions. A rooftop was added for weather protection and additionally functions as a place to grow plants. In this photo, the oven is shown with a temporary plastic shelter for extending the cob season into the cool late temperatures of the North American plains. Shown below are a series of holes associated with this project, from left to right: the hole where the clay is excavated; middle: the hole dug for the base of the oven, urbanite was used as to create the ring and urbanite was used as fill; right: the hole from which an old pool liner will be used as a water barrier between the roof decking and the the” living roof.” The next picture shows the pool liner on the roof.

(this page is under construction…)



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