And the Kitchen Sink (don’t forget princess)

   And the Kitchen Sink (don’t forget princess) at PLAND summer residency program  August 1-15 2011

A collaborative project with Ryan Rasmussen in which a water filtration and washing station (left) were constructed at an off-the-grid residency program PLAND (Practice Liberating Art Through Necessary Dislocation). Water is circulated from the rainwater cistern by DIY hand pumps into smaller repurposed barrels which then utilize gravity to pass water through a biosand filter (see plans below) for producing potable water. Grey water from wash station is filtered through a slow-sand filter.

A mobile solar power distillation unit (right) constructed for PLAND. The basic principles of solar water distillation are simple yet affective. The sun’s energy heats water to the point of evaporation, then rising water vapors condense on the glass surface for collection. This process removes impurities such as salts and heavy metals as well as eliminates harmful microbiological organisms.

(this page is under construction…)


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