7 Carpets for a Pink Cart

7 Carpets for a Pinkcart at fwd>>space  April 4-25 2008

In 2008 I participated in an annual spring arts festival in Grand Rapids, Mi,  Spring for the Arts.  The space that I was working with was an artist-run store front called fwd>>space, which has since disbanded. Located in a section of downtown that had for years been occupied by the homeless, and also known for its drug culture and sex workers, this urban district had recently become desirable for its real estate potential. Just around the corner from recent civic and commercial investments such as trade show convention center, high-rise hotels and apartment buildings, LEED certified Art Museum, LEED certified contemporary art center (UICA: Urban Institute for Contemporary Art) not to mention the growing talk of an international arts competition slated for downtown Grand Rapids (what is now known as Art Prize) the gentrification of this section of town called on the proven formula: converting the derelict buildings into artist run space. exploiting a lack of cultural support for art as a way to extract economic gain.  This part-time gallery, part-time boutique became site for a project that investigated art and design with commodity spectacle. As part of a annual spring arts festival, Spring for the Arts, the work is intended as flooring options in a rickshaw…

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