adaptive design disorder project


For Tasmeem Doha 2013, a biennial art and design conference held in Doha, Qatar, fellow collaborator Ryan Rasmussen and I led a five day lab with Virginia Common Wealth Univeristy-Qatar students. Located in the courtyard of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, we labored to build a shelter that would provide protection from the sun and wind while also serving as a space to listen to sound recordings gathered throughout the week of the conference.

Our approach was guided by a notion that we refer to as adaptive design disorder. By adaptive design we mean the application of processes that signify the looming ecological crisis, a scale that is by definition global and multi-generational. By disorder we mean the implementation of a state of mind, one that drifts from current capitalist subjectivity so as to remake our desires. In other words, we ask: how can art be used as a strategy for liberating processes of making and learning so as to (re)discover how to live better in the world? To consider this within the dual framework of hybridity and the lab/workshop is to engage in a messy ecology of signs, objects, systems while also drawing attention to the collective quality of the ecological condition.

… (this page is under construction)

DSC03452    DSC03509

DSC03549.1               DSC03536

DSC03542         DSC03571

DSC03569                   photo-3


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